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NiuWei Dao/Oxtail Sword(牛尾刀)-TZ135406


Niuwei Dao(牛尾刀)or Oxtail sword, the name from that blade shape like ox tail.This sword type originated from folk in late Qing dynasty, you can see oxtail sword from many of Kung fu movies and very usual use in Chinese martial art(Kung fu) performance or practice.We forged this sword for practice and cutting purpose,The blade length is longer than normal size, We also offer plain fittings for cheaper version. Features of this sword: Long blade sharpened and battle ready, gorgeous brass fittings carved by full hand. rosewood(suanzhi wood) scabbard. 

  • Hand engraved brass fitting 
  • T10 foldedsteel,differential hardened
  • Fully functional sharp blade, battle ready
  • Rose wood scabbard with nature wood color
  • Comes with a silk black bag
  • 73cm blade,16cm handle,sword weight about 1000g without scabbard.
  • Niku blade.
  • Customized made available.


Blade Length:  71cm(28") Handle length: 18cm
Blade steel:  T10 folded steel with differential hardened    Fittings: Carved brass fitting 
Blade construction:  Mono  Handle: Rosewood
Blade polish:  Mirror Polish Wood: RoseWood
Hamon:  Wave Blade width:3.5cm




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