Since launching our website in 2009, we have produced and exported over ten thousands hand-forged swords. Over these years, we have established a strong reputation for quality and service with countless retailers, martial arts practitioners, and sword enthusiasts all over the world.

During the past years, we have noticed that an increasing number of sword lovers have begun ordering directly from the forge. Some of these clients have actually had very high levels of knowledge on the topic of swords, and through the sharing of ideas and best practices, JKOO sword has become an even better producer of custom swords than we were 6 short years ago. Along with the increase in business from dealing with more end-users, we also have established better and more rigorous quality control protocols...more

Practical affordable cutting Jian for sale

As of the year 2015, there was a major shortage in the custom sword market for quality sharpened jian which could be used for superior test-cutting. This special cutting jian was thus originally made as a prototype to be tested byshifu Jonathan Bluestein, author of Research of Martial Arts. It has since become a product we are proud of.

In the making of this sword we sought to improve upon existing market models, such as Scott Roddell’s cutting jian. To do so, with collaborated with shifu Bluestein and sought his advice. Shifu Bluestein then deliberated the issue with Chinese weaponry experts Thomas Chen and Walter Diociaiuti. Weighing in on the cons and pros of current market models, these three professionals have come up with a design proposal which led to the production of this unique jian before you. The idea was to make a sword which was durable, reliable, ‘combat-ready’, impact resistant and cheap enough to be affordable for a wide array of martial arts enthusiasts.

Handle: Was made of hardwood (can be chosen to be customized as Ebony), to avoid wood deformation and consequent rattling – which often occurs with swords used for test-cutting. Handle..................read more detail


Tsunami Series shinken for Tameshigiri

Tsunami(津波) katana-1050 steel

Tsunami(津波) katana-T10 steel

Tsunami(津波) katana-dark brown

This Tsunami(津波) series shinken(real sword) for tameshigiri試し斬り(test cutting) for tatami and bamboo targets.these katana blade was made out of T10 steel and T10 folded steel, as we know T10 steel is best steel for tameshiggiri because of it has high performance and competitive price. 

We made all of these katana tsukamaki with hashigami, it is very tight and safety to allowing repeating use and heavy cutting practice. we select these quality fittings ready for tough use. all of this series katana ready for real use, full tang construction, strength and durable. 

All of these sword was inspected by Mr. Kane after it finished, please feel free to order it. 

If you would like change saya and ito color, or want to do more customization, please just Email us, we will do it for you.

Tsunami(津波) katana-folded steel

Tsunami(津波) katana-Warlord

Get a favorite sword from Here
We almost developed all style of Japanese sword and Chinese sword. We traditional forged blade use different steel blade for different purpose of sword use.
Custom made is JKOO SWORD'S features. we have hundreds different style fittings option for custom order. blade and handle length, color etc, just up to you.

World's largest Miao Dao drawing by Shifu Jonathan Bluestein 




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