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Chinese sword

China is a country with long history and splendid culture. Chinese sword have been a part of Chinese cluture, which developed many styles in the long history.different sword style in different period or dynasty, from broze to iron steel. but, ultimately, it is 2 types if devide by blade edge or functionality, that is Jian(剑) and Dao(刀) 

Jian(double-edge sword)-劍

Chinese ZhanGuo jian/Sword
Quality sword stick TZ20190425 $229
TaiYi Jian sword TZ20190225 $299
Tapered short Tang dynasty jian sword TZ20120316
Traditional carved Chinese Jian sword
Hand engraved LongQuan Jian
TZ371471 $399
Double dragon Chinese Jian sword
TZ20170717 $299
Replica of Octahedral Han Jian TZ135407 $328
Upgraded Han Jian sword
TZ20170419 $269
Affordable Jian sword
TZ20161011 $139
Octahedral Han Jian/sword(八面汉剑)
Plain Han Jian/Sword
Kiriha Zukuri Tang Dao/sword(唐刀)
Tang Dao/sword(唐刀)
9260 Octahedral Han Dynasty Jian
9260 Steel cutting Jian/Sword
Cutting Jian/Blackened
Qi Jian/Sword(齐剑)
Classical Long Quan Jian/Sword
ChengYing Jian/Sword(承影劍)
Short Han Jian/Sword

Dao(Chinese Sabre)-刀

Luxurious collection LiuYe Dao/sword
TZ20190312 $1999
Dragon Tang Dao/Sabre
TZ20181208 $498
YanMao Dao/Angular style Chinese saber
TZ20180606 $269
Guan Dao/Kwan Tao TZ20180115 $699
9260 Miao Dao TZ20170406 $299
WuFu willow leaf sword(LiuYe Dao)
TZ20170309 $339
Affordable LiuYe Dao
TZ20170302 $99
Antique willow leaf sabre
TZ20160922 $499
Double dragon LiuYe Dao
TZ20160927  $359
Miao Dao(Chinese two-handed saber) TZ20160108
Practical Niuwei Dao
Ring Pommel Han Dynasty Dao/Sword
Plain ZhanMa Dao/Blacken
ZhanMa Dao/Horse Chopping Saber
Square Willow Leaf Saber (LiuYeDao)
NiuWei Dao/Oxtail Sword(牛尾刀)
Yang Style TaiChi Dao(杨氏太极刀)

Niuwei Dao/Oxtail sword

Niuwei Dao(牛尾刀)or Oxtail sword, the name from that blade shape like ox tail.This sword type originated from folk in late Qing dynasty, you can see oxtail sword from many of Kung fu movies and very usual use in Chinese martial art(Kung fu) performance or practice.

Classic Two Hand Han Dynasty Jian

This is a typical Han jian, it was desiged in Chinese Han dynasty. sinosword replica it as quality steel and mountings. it is real sword, not toy or decoration. 

Qi Jain

This sword were designed for two hand using. it is Warring states period's jian sword. double edge and sharpened. this is real sword ready for battle.

Plain Cutting Jian(Blackened)

This Jian sword were plain designed. we created it for cuttings practice or Taiji(tai chi) practice. blance point about 6cm from guard, light and nimble when you wielding it.  the features is blade forged use T10 steel as diamond section, full tang construction, extremely durable.

ZhanMa Dao/Horse Chopping Saber

This Dao is designed for anti-cavalry weapon. it was used most common during Song dynasty(960AD-1279AD),  long hilt and powerful blade can confront Mongol cavalry charge in ancient war. we forged this Dao replica for ready battle, full tang construction make sword powerful. 

Han Dynasty style Dao

This replica Dao is a Han dynasty style sword. cast brass fitting with totem and ring pommel is a typical Han Dynasty design. sinosword forged this Dao as traditional way. blade use Bailian Gang(folded steel) with clay tempered hamon, funcational and beauty.

Functional ZhanMa Dao

Sinosword create this Dao for cutting purpose, T10 steel blade with real hamon with full tang construction, plain brass fittings without many decorative and theatrical versions, very durable and powerful. it's a good choice if you want to use it cut bamboo or tatami. 

ChenYing Jian/sword

This is a one of our own designed and developed sword,We named it ChengYing Jian(承影劍),ChengYing is the one of TOP ten Chinese Jian in ancient legends. The legend says the owner of this Jian was the emperor of Shang Dynasty(The second dynasty of China).Chengying Jian symbol as carried elegant weapon for gentleman.This Jian looks very solid and beautiful, silver plated fittings match with red/black cotton is very tasteful.that's way we use Chengying to name this Jian.

9260 steel Cutting Jian

This Cutting Jian provides a purpose-built sword for the art of cutting in Chinese Swordsmanship,Utilizing 9260 pring steel with heat treatment to optimizes edge hardness and body toughness, the blackened simple brass fittings match ebony scabbard make sword tasteful and attractive.    

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