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9260 Steel cutting Jian/Sword-TZ20121211


Comparing the blacken cutting Jian, We removed black rayskin wrapping on the handle instead of waxing rope and we use 9260 spring steel with through hardened for more reasonable price. the fittings keep natural brass color. the blade with engraving of our company name in Chinese character. As we knew 9260 steel have well performance for tameshigiri of Japanese sword, It is also working for Chinese Jian. the scabbard are made out of rosewood. 

  • Brass fittings 
  • 9260 spring steel, through hardened blade
  • Fully functional sharp blade, battle ready
  • Rosewood scabbard
  • Comes with a cotton black bag
  • 77cm blade,18cm handle,sword weight about 950g without scabbard.


Blade Length:  77cm Hanle length: 18cm
Blade steel:  9260 steel Fittings: Plain brass fitting 
Blade construction:  Mono  Handle wrapping: Waxing rope
Blade polish:  Mirror Polish Wood: rosewood
Hamon:  None Blade width:3.5cm
Forged way: Forged&Hand polish Sword weight:2lb


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