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Full rayskin wakizashi(TZ20151209)


We forged-folded this wakizashi blade T10 steel features a sanmai lamination. the both side steel are folded steel, core steel is 1095 steel. This allows for superior edge holding and cutting ability while allowing the blade to absorb the shock of a blow. the blade differentially hardened tempered using clay method to produces cutting edge about HRc60. the finest hamon and hada(folded pattern) very clear visible after hand polished. the koshirae is made from copper with dragon motif. black cotton ito wrapped on tsuka and genuine rayskin inlay, tsukamaki with hishigami(paper knot) produce tsuka very tight ans strength. full rayskin covered saya is this sword characteristic, quality glossy lacquered finish make the saya superb and elegant. 

  • Full rayskin covered saya
  • Sanmai lamination
  • Folded steel with clay tempered hamon
  • Quality and finest koshirae
  • Shobu zukuri
  • Full tang construction
  • Buffalo horn koiguchi, kurigata and kojiri
  • Functional and superb

Blade shape:         shobu zukuri Blade length:                    56cm(22")
Blade steel:           folded steel Tsuka length:                    20cm(8")
Blade lamination:  sanmai Tsukamaki:                       with hishigami
Blade polish:         hand polished Ito:                                    cotton
Hamon:                 clay tempered hamon        Samewaga:                      pannel

Bohi/Hi:                 none

Samewaga color:             white
Motohaba:            3.2cm Saya:                                full rayskin coverd
Sori:                      1.5cm Koiguchi&Kurigata&kojiri: black buffalo Horn



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