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Liuye Dao(Willow leaf saber)
  • Description
The Liuye Dao forged from folded steel with differential hardened hamon.

we custom made this Liuye Dao for Andreas Klenner who from Germany, it is from folded steel with differential hardened hamon. 


  • Hand engrave brass fittings

  • Liuye(willow leaf) style blade 

  • Folded steel with differential hardened hamon.

We created this willow leaf saber about 45days. we forged blade 72cm as Andreas Klenner requested. avisible and actractive folded grain after full hand polished. the blade edge hardness about 58HRc with differential hardened tempered. 

Hand engrave brass fittings and rose wood scabbard make the sword gorgeously

Overall:  72cm Hanle length: 16 cm
Blade steel:  folded steel  Fittings: engrave brass fitting 
Blade construction:  Mono  Handle wrapping: wax cotton rope
Blade polish:  Mirror Polish                    Wood: Rose wood
Hamon:  wave Blade width:3.6cm


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