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Shinto katana-神道刀(TZ20130708)


This is an all-new design katana by sinosword, utilizing hand forged and folded functionality blade and finest koshirae(mounting). the blade forged and folded use T10 steel with differentially hardened hamon. blade was traditional polished use jizuya and hazuya to make the hamon (temper line) and hada (folding pattern) are extremely prominent. the toso(fittings:tsuba, fuchi&kashira, menuki) are all made from blackened iron. the tsuka wrapped navy blue tsuka ito. authentic quality rayskin(same) cover on the tsuka. the saya kuroro black glossy lacquered finish, top quality sageo including, kuiguchi, kurigata and koriji are of polished buffalo horn

  • T10 folded steel
  • Traditional polish with jizuya and hazuya
  • Quality blackened iron koshirae
  • Criss-cross Tsuka-maki with hishigami, full and tight.
  • Brown kuiguchi, kurigata and kojiri are of polished buffalo horn

Blade shape:   Shinogi zukuri Blade length: 72.5cm(28.5")
Blade steel:  Folded steel(T10) Tsuka length: 26cm(10")
Blade construction:  Kobuse Tsukamaki: with hishi-gami
Blade polish:  Traditional polish Ito: Artificial silk-Navy blue
Hamon:  Real clay tempered hamon Samewaga: Panel

Bohi/Hi:  Single

Samewaga color: White
Motohaba:   3.2cm Saya: Glossy Black
Sori:  1.7cm Koiguchi&Kurigata&kojiri: Brown Hor





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