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Classic Two Hand Han Dynasty Jian-TZ20160428


This Chinese Swords design used during the Han Dynasty (206BC to 200AD), The desing is common and classic.In the past years,We worked together with a Canadian company,they helped us a lost for this sword replica,especially on the handle construction and blade performance, and we both got good selling. It is time to take it out to share.


  • Solid cast brass fitting with antique finish. 
  • T10 steel forged folded blade, differential hardened, straight temper line(hamon) 
  • Fully functional sharp blade, battle ready
  • Hard wood scabbard,black or red lacquered. 
  • Black cotton cord 
  • 80cm blade,25.5cm handle,sword weight about 1000g without scabbard, balance point 15cm  
  • Pinned pommel, Niku blade.

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