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ZhanMa Dao/Horse Chopping Saber-TZ89101


ZhanMa Dao isused as an anti-cavalry weapon in ancient Chinese war, It is the mostimportant weapon for Han Chinese to against barbarian from north and northeast. During the Song Dynasty, It was used most common. This design with ring pommel is traditional in the history. 

  • Engraving brass fitting, Plain fittings/blacken 
  • T10 steel forged blade, differential hardened, straight temper line(hamon) 
  • Fully functional sharp blade, battle ready
  • Rose wood scabbard and handle
  • Black cotton cord 
  • 71cm blade,44cm handle.
  • Pommel, Niku blade.
  • Custom order available


 Blade steel  T10 Steel
 Blade length  71cm(28")
 Hilt          44cm(17 1/3")
 Width  3.5cm(1.4")
 Fittings  Brass


 Huali wood



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